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Information Security Leadership Forum Interational

A Community of Today and Tomorrow's Leaders

ISLF Governance

Board of Directors

Executive Director Operations

International and Regional Advisory Boards

An Interim Board is in place to faciliate the establishment of the new not-for-profit model for the Forum. This interim Board will be replaced in 2024.

The role is currently vacant and is being faciliated in the interim by the Forum's Founder, Timothy Phillips.

Regional Boards are expected to be launched in 2024

Annual Report


Annual Meetings

Annual Reports for the ISLF will be published beginning 2024 for the operating year 2023.

None of the ISLF's have been approved for public release yet, and are expected to be posted on our site prior to the end of 2024.

The 2024 annual meeting has not yet been scheduled. Once it has it will be posted here.