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ISLF Work Group Methdology

Beginning in 2024, the Information Security Leadership Forum will be launching an initiative to begin hosting Work Groups on various topical areas of professional practice in the field of Information Security. 


The objective of ISLF work groups is to establish and arrive at a consensus on new professional practice model and methodologies, as well as updating of existing one. These will form the basis of new official study guides and associated certification training courses available through the Forum.

The Process

Stage 1 - Base Development

The Forum's strategic training partner company, the Center for Information Management and Assurance, independently builds a topical development model, which includes prerequisites, the development process, operational execution models, and identification of linked processes. To complement this, an edition one (1) narrative e-Book is prepared and published as the Forum's Common Body of Knolwedge, and will serve as the official study guide for the respective certification course.

Stage 2 - Work Group Formation

Work Groups are formed based on volunteer requests and direct solicitations from the Forum's leadership. Individual chosen, must be able to demonstrate expertise in the topical area of the Work Group. To ensure a managable volume of participants, Work Groups are typically formed with 12 - 20 practitioners.

Stage 3 - Review & Expansion

During stage 3 activity, the Work Group will:

  • review process flow charts, challenge void or oversights, identify misdirected flows, etc.;
  • review edition one narrative documents and identify areas for improvement;
  • review supporting tools such as forms, charts, spreadsheets, etc. for quality, appropriateness, etc.; and
  • in a team approach, take ownership over a section of the material and contribute 10 - 15 pages of expended or new content required for consumption by new or existing practioners.

Stage 4 - Editorial Review

During stage 4, our designated editor(s) will perform a professional editorial review of the documentation as part of the publication quality assurance review.

Stage 5 - Post Editorial Review Validation

To ensure a team's work product(s) is not altered during the editorial process in a way that may change the meaning or quality of its content, members of a Work Group will do a final review during stage 5.

Stage 6 -Publication

As part of the final stage of the process, the work product is official published by the Forum, and made accessible through the website.

What's in it For Me?

Participation in community groups can be both professionally and personally rewarding, e.g.,

  • participating in community work groups will help to establish you as an authority in the given topical area, setting you apart from the rest in your organization and industry peers;
  • it can help you better understand the topical area by participating in a deep dive into it, where you will have the opportunity to learn through your own research as well as from participating in brainstorming and review sessions with other Work Group members;
  • with crowd sourcing contributions from Work Group members it will lead to officially being recognized as a co-author in a publication, the topic-based Official Study Guide published by the ISLF; and
  • more!

Getting Involved

Participation in our work groups is by invitation only. This approach is taken to ensure only those with substantial experience in the work groups' topical area to ensure the industry is receiving the best guidance. If you have not been contacted and would like to be express your interest to participate, please send us a note using the contact form on this site expressing your interest. Please be sure to let us know which work group you are interested in participating in, and why you think you'd be a great addition to the team.


Work Group project charter pages are accessible through the links below under the Group Name. Please note these pages are restricted to active and logged in members of the ISLF only.

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