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Information Security Program Benchmark Program

The year 2024 marks the launch of the Information Security Leadership Forum's FREE information Security Program Benchmark Program. The program will allow eligible members to benchmark their organization's information security program against the 2022 version of the internationally recognized gold standard, ISO 27001.

The program has been designed to provide an accessible tool to empower information security leaders with the means to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their internal information security programs. We understand that given the foundation of the program, it may not be for everyone. However great care has been taken to make it as inclusive as possible for a global audience.

Participating organizational leaders will receive a customized report for their organization, highlighing strengths and opportunities, based on the subjective data entered by the organization's representative during their participation. 


To participate in the Information Security Program Benchmark initiative, participants must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. be serving in a dedicated organizational Chief Information Security Officer (CSIO) role for the organization you would be participating on behalf of; and
  2. be an active member of the ISLF in good standing;
  3. be a member of the ISLF's CISO group (acces to the benchmark program registration page is restricted to only members of this group);
  4. be authorized by your organization to participate in this program;
  5. you must have a firm understanding of the status of your organization's security posture and individual controls, sufficient to answer benchmarking questions based on the full scope of ISO 27001, or setup a team with knowledge in all areas to go through the benchmark tool with you; and
  6. you have complete the application and have been approved to be admitted into the program.

This criteria is subject to verification by the ISLF as deemed necessary


  1. Freelancers and individuals involved in customer facing consulting services and similar roles, who use the CISO title, are not eligible for participation in this private ISLF program; and
  2. Use of this tool is restricted to only those in organization not offering GRC or similar commercial tool offerings. If your organization offers for sale, or consults to or for such organizations, your organization is ineligible to participate.

Availability / Program Dates

The Information Security Program Benchmark Program runs annually, as follows:

  • Open participation between May 1 through to June 30th each year. The tool will be disabled outside of these timeframes;
  • Copies of custom participant reports will be made available privately within 30 to 60 days of completion in the first year of the program, the timeframe for which will be driven in a large part based on the volume of participation. Our goal is to make these report available in a greatly reduced timeframe in subsequent years; and
  • Copies of the global anonymized report will be published October 1st and be available until December 15th each year, and available for downloading free of charge by all members from the ISLF website, as well as through participating program sponsors for the respective year.


Participation in the benchmarking program is completely FREE. Additionally, there is no cost for the initial customized report each qaulified participant receives, nor the anonymized global benchmark report produced by the ISLF for the public.

Click the button below to apply to participate in the 2024 Information Security Program Benchmark Program. All applicants that meet the above eligibility criteria will be approved.  You will be notified within 2 business days on the disposition of your application. Upon approval your access will be enabled and an e-mail notification will be sent to the e-mail address in your account.