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Information Security Program Benchmark Initiative Launch

Monday, March 18, 2024 1:00 PM | Timothy Phillips (Administrator)

Hollywood, Florida - The Information Security Leadership Forum is pleased to announce the launch of an initiative to help leaders benchmark their organization's information security program beginning Wednesday, May 1, 2024.

This ground breaking initiative is intended to give member security leaders the first free tool available to assess their organization's security posture against a common security framework, yielding a customized report on areas of opportunities to strengthen its security posture.

The ISLF benchmark tool is based on the ISO 27001 standard's 2022 version, which has been recognized in 169 countries around the world and adopted as the national information security framework by countries such as Canada, Jamaica, and many others. For this reason, we felt this is absolutely the best framework to base our global benchmarking initiative on.

The initiative is intended to become an annual benchmarking program for organizational security leaders, to continually monitor their organization's progress, and as a medium to open internal discussions with organizational business leaders for enhanced investments in information security budgets.

The initiative will be open to security leaders for 2 months beginning May 1 through to June 30, 2024. During this time, security leaders will participate in the benchmarking initiative and received a customized report for their organization based on their unique responses, with tangible recommendations on where to focus future efforts to enhance their information security program for more encompassing threat risk management.

As a bonus, on October 31, 2024, the ISLF will be publishing a free global information security program benchmark report, based on the anonymized results from participant input during the 2024 open benchmarking window from May to June. This report will provide invaluable insight based on anonymized benchmarking results, broken down by industry, as well as cross-industry based on organizational size. Participants will be able to compare the information in their initial customized report, with the latter global benchmark report to get a better sense of how well their organization is positioned against others. The global information security program benchmark report will be available to download by all active members of the Forum, as well as through sponsors of the 2024 Benchmark Program.

Timothy Phillips, the ISLF's Founder offered, "this important initiative will put in place, a free tool for leaders of many underfunded information security propgrams, as well as others, empowering them with data to engage their organization's business leadership in a constructive dialog relative to enhancing information security program budget funding." This initiative has been established by the ISLF, with the financial support of our program's official sponsors. No member specific data will be shared with program sponsors or others.